To B&B or not to B&B

Sorry, couldn't resist :-)
I was checking the results on the ad I posted on and was astonished to see the hits jump from 58 two days ago to over 3000 today. How'd that happen? Do I get depressed because none of those 3000+ lookers contacted me? Was it something I said? Something I didn't say? Too old :-O ? Lack of experience? Or was it some kind of technical glitch?
So just to keep my vision/goal alive of finding employment in a B&B Inn I started looking at different B&B websites. Some of these places are simply gorgeous. Please tell the Portuguese know how to do it or what!
And don't we all dream of the Key West getaway, especially when there's a foot of snow to be shoveled,
Or the charm of good ol southern hospitality found in Georgia.
Ya gotta love this one, it's in Amsterdam
And sometimes you don't have to go far away at all. This one is right here in my current (albeit temporary) hometown of Philadelphia, Pa.
I know some of these old row homes are big, but you have to see the number of rooms in this place.

OK, my hope and inspiration are restored :-)

Tuesday I have a meeting with some folks at HUP (Hospital at The University of Pennsylvania) to discuss the mural work for the Neonatology Department. If offered employment from a B&B before the end of the month(July), this will be my last mural job.
Even though things haven't worked out for me here, I just have to say, that I was so honored to have been able to do mural work at HUP. It was totally worth the move up here from Florida.
For the kids coming through here from Children's Hospital next door for treatment at HUP .

One of three waiting rooms I did for them.

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