Hospital Update

I started work on the job at the University of Pennsylvania yesterday...the pediatric department at the hospital. It had been decided originally that murals would just be placed in a few sections of the hallway, leaving some walls alone so that pictures they already had could be rehung. Based on that decision I was asked if I could 'blend' murals into the wall (edges fading into the wall color)...they would have their painters paint the walls. I was only given four colors to choose from, and none I felt were really appropriate for an underwater mural...the theme that they had settled on. Regardless, I arrived yesterday to begin work and was pleasantly surprised by the blue wall color.......still not appropriate for an underwater mural, but the color was very calming and it just felt good.
So, I'm kind of taking a different approach than I'm used to because I don't want to interfere with the calm of that blue. My work is going to be a lot softer than usual, and while I will try to achieve some sense of depth using the ocean floor, I'm not going to use darker blues in the water.......usually you would to get added depth, but I'm just not feeling it.
I also confess I was a bit ovewhelmed by
I just randomly chose a wall and began. I'm thinking each section will have a main character(s), and this one is kids.
This was pretty much what got done on the first day.
And this was the end of two. And yes......for all you purists out there, I know seaweed doesn't grow where coral is found, call it artistic license :-)
I'll finish this up tomorrow and move on to the next section of will be sea turtles.

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