Here's where things left off last weekend.Today a few changes were made and work continued on. The background foliage was darken, the small tree that was going to be done was eliminated, the ground was given more definition with some shading and highlighting, the water darkened at both ends, and then work was started on the patio.
We decided that the tile pattern we made was actually to small in scale so we simply erased some lines to make larger tiles more appropriate for a exterior patio. Here the grout work is being started.
Here some more work is being done on the trees. Tomorrow more foliage will be added to the foreground trees, the patio floor will be completed, and hopefully the balusters will be too, as well as all the shadowing, shading and highlighting. We'd also like to bring in more color by perhaps adding some flowers along the two sides of the tiles. Next Saturday will be the final day of lessons and that will focus on adding some wildlife (most likely just a few birds) to the scene to really bring it to life.

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