Whats been going on...

Spent the last couple of days working on marketing...making postcards ...fliers etc, and finishing a painting for a client. Today I'll be working on a dog portrait. My latest model....

A couple of days ago I started noticing a clicking sound under the front end of my truck....yesterday I stopped by my mechanic's shop and found out my clutch is going, it was the bearing making the noise. This is not good timing....little money and the rents due......been there, done that. I'll have to hope it'll hold on till more work comes.
I was contacted a few days ago by someone not happy with a job that had been done in her home, and asked me if I could ummmm?.....enhance it to more of what she envisioned, she had asked for a princess mural.
I was sent this picture of the wall she wanted work done on.
And I responded with this sketch. There will also be a horse drawn carriage on the road.
It sounded like there was a major communication problem between the artist and the client, and the client learned a big lesson.....always ask for a sketch of the project. Well, the client is very happy and I will do this work in early April.
Tomorrow I'm looking at another potential mural job....this one, a space themed room for a small boy.
I'm also meeting with a clay artist tomorrow who is interested in renting some space in My Studio. I'm also hoping he'll be interested in maybe leading some workshops.
Oh.......I got the lettering for My Studio's windows yesterday and got those up :-)

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