Yeah....good news....the truck will be ready today and it was not the clutch, but a leak in the master cylinder, a less costly fix........still depleted my bank account, but at least I had it :-)
Forgot to post this...Monday I went back at the request of the client and added more to the moon in the space themed room.
That's the Apollo 11 behind the flag and Explorer flying by (this is a four year old's room :-)

In the next week or two I'll be going back to this home to do some raised vine work in a powder room, like in this photo from Spectacular Walls by Jeannine Dostal. This will be fun, its a new technique for me.
Can't wait to get back in the studio this afternoon. I'm finishing up a small side table and have picked up a couple of other inexpensive pieces ..... a ten dollar drop leaf table that will get murals on each leaf and a five dollar home made small cabinet that I'm not sure what it will turn into.
I'll post pics later today.

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