Continued adding bits of flora and fauna all the way down the wall and finally finished it Monday afternoon. I'm thinking I may go back and add a bit more to fill in spaces, it looks a bit disjointed to me. Although I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of this will be hidden by props.

Yesterday I began the three panels that will go in another room, one with a pirate theme....the above is for a princess themed room. The princess room will have live size sculptured trees added around the room and a large castle as well as other dimensional elements. The pirate room will have a tiki hut, a large shipwrecked boat, live size sculptured palm trees....etc, so really what I'm doing is what I call background helps create the 'feeling' but is secondary to all the elements that will be added to make the rooms really pop.
Tomorrow I pick up 10-12 more panels, but panels that will make up just the bottom part of the remaining walls (where the dark green begins).......the top part of the design will be painted on site, directly on the walls.

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