I don't get it

Do you go into a furniture store and make an 'offer' on something you want? I know I've never done that. I've had two 'offers' recently on two of the furniture pieces I painted. The first offer was for the large dresser. The dresser is priced at $495.........seem unreasonable?? After all the
work I put into it, it doesn't seem so to me......the offer was $350......that DID seem unreasonable to me.
The second offer came this morning (@7:30am) for this same dresser and "the smaller one that goes with it", which I'm assuming she meant this one (which doesn't go with the other one)
This cabinet is priced at $325......price doesn't seem off to me, but this offer was $550 for both! Let me think..................ummm, no?!
If I wanted 'offers' I'd put em on ebay. I'm not ungrateful for the interest, but where's the respect for the work (and me, by the way).

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