Finally finished my work in the 'princess' room at Ooza Palooza (except for painting a window shade), and I've moved back into the 'pirate' room for tomorrows work. Here's how the castle facade came out. As usual I excitedly began working before I took a before picture.
Here's how it looks finished...notice the doors still need to be hung and I can proudly say the owner thought I had put real nails in the door until she got a closer look :-)
This is a photo of the flagship store's colors are a little stronger and the pallet was changed to tie into the colors in the this store, and you'll notice a change in the door's shape.
Tomorrow due to a last minute redesign I have another window panel to paint in the pirate room and the treasure chest arrived and is ready to paint (pictures tomorrow). I'm hoping to also have time to start tracing out the huge graphic designs in room #3 because the shipwreck will arrive tomorrow (Monday) night, so it'll be Tuesdays project. Here's a photo of the ship wreck in the flagship store.
Tomorrow I'll show you the flagship store's treasure chest and the one made for this store, which is really cool.
My cold is taking its course, I'm feeling fine today but now I can't talk.......its a very odd feeling, I've never experienced this before. Its not really laryngitis as defined by the dictionary..I've no harsh breathing or a painful annoying cough yes, but it doesn't hurt. Anyway I'm sure this too will pass.

Got a call from Jackie (the shop owner next to my studio) today....she held her first furniture painting workshop in My Studio yesterday and it went very well....she loved it, and the students loved it and created beautiful projects. I can't wait to see the photos of the class and I'll share them here of course.

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