Its Over! I finally finished up at the kids party rental place, and I'm moving on to the next project. Today I went over to the studio and got set up to begin the pirate screens...I CAN'T WAIT....this will be so much fun.
Before that though I had gotten a call from one of my favorite restaurants where I've done work before...The Old Key Lime House. This is where a shark greets you at the front entrance
a pirate hangs from the rafters over the diners
and a few walls still need some help. Like below, if you're sitting at a table with your back to this railing
you get a beautiful view of the intracoastal.
If you happen to be sitting opposite that person with the beautiful view.......well, its not quite as pretty. So this wall is a project I've been asked to submit ideas for.
And the shark is the other, he's looking a bit weather worn and could use some freshening up.
And then finally I stopped at my favorite thrift shop and found another piece to add to my growing collection of furniture projects. It needs some serious TLC, but five bucks can't beat that.

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