Ok.........this will be close to my final post on this job. The rooms aren't completely set up yet but close enough for you to get the idea. I finished up the boat today all but distressing the sails. The carpenter put the wrong shape windows on the back end of the boat
and no window on the front so that made my day a few hours longer...trompe l'oeil to the rescue.
I don't think he understood how important it is to reproduce this project as close to the original as possible, franchising and branding are important. Scroll down to see pic of the original.
So I'll just post some images of the pretty near finished job........
And what I call the princess room....actually all three rooms are used for a variety of themed parties, not just princesses and pirates. Saturday a new job....a pooh forest background in a nursery, they'll be adding the pooh characters themselves. Then Monday back to Ooza Palooza land. I'm calling in reinforcements to help me with the large room that gets the paisley like graphics painted on every wall...oiy.

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