I forgot to show you what I finally ended up doing with the little white chest that challenged me...

I figured the larger 'bird' chest was such a hit and sold quickly, that I might as well try it again. I think I need to carry it up to the drawer some how though?

Started today as the thrift shop, I swear I'm becoming addicted. I can feel my heart beat faster the closer I get to the shop. I'm still trying to convince myself that this is my new job, that it's ok.
Today's bargains....first a $10 chest of drawers (all wood)
I know, I it only took an hour to get them off :-)
Another $5 coffee table, these seem to be very common in thrift shops, hope they haven't fallen totally out of favor.
Got this wonderful brass plaque for $1 Anyone have any idea what this may have been a part of???
And finally a couple of lampshades and some utility lamps for $4.
OK....time to get working on some of these projects.

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