What a successful day! Got up and went out to my favorite thrift shop first thing and brought the booty back to the studio.
Got this cool headboard for 10 bucks. I'll paint it white and stain and distress it and paint an old world Florida landscape in the center panel (the other two have caning in them).
Got this cute little table for $5. As usual I jumped right in and painted/stain/and distressed it before I remembered to take a before photo....oh well.
Then there was this table, also $5
There was nothing wrong with it except two corners were obviously chewed by a family pet. I just sanded them and distressed the rest of the edges to make them less obvious and that's all I will do to this table.
Then I found this glass lamp (minus a shade) for get this.........drum roll.........ONE DOLLAR! I used to collect these in my 'nesting' days....not anymore, I live very simply now. Can you see the slight tinge of green in the bottom? I've never seen one like this before....just charming.
I also started working on that $10 table I bought a couple of weeks ago. I decided on a black top and white stained/distressed legs. Haven't started the legs yet.
And to top off the good day the pirate screens were picked up and paid for and I was able to get my tardy rent paid :-)

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