Yesterday while working in the studio/shop I had this realization that I was happy. I can't say that I've felt that way in a very long time. I think I'm where I'm suppose to be.
I feel like I have more control in my life doing the work I'm doing now. I have the fun part of the work.......searching for treasures that need some tlc, and I can paint whatever I want on them. I love having the studio.
So anyway.......yesterday was spent painting......all day (no thrifting :-)
This dresser.......
was transformed into this.........
This dresser ........
also got the 'white distressed' treatment
The coffee table that I was going to paint a graphic design on
ended up all black and distressed as I had originally envisioned it.
I decided to take the two doors off of this piece rather than try to repair one of the doors that was broken.
I'll place baskets of towels and bathroom goodies on the shelves and promote it as a possible bathroom vanity similar to these guys....I created and placed this picture on top of it to help customers see the possibilities..
A couple of pieces I did bring back to the studio day before yesterday that will keep me busy......a funky home made tall stand, can't you just picture it with the the edges softened and a big beautiful fern on top
Another cool coffee table....I think it'll do well painted and distressed, very beachy.
I also found a table that I'll paint to go with that corner unit I bought....they will be painted black and and while toile print seat cushions....yummy.
Fell in love with this huge table lamp for $1.
There is also a huge, really huge gate leg dining table, the kind where the leafs hang all the way down to the floor......I think I may hire my friend to do the prep work on that one :-) Picture later. Off to the studio.

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