I seem to be going through a creative drought happens from time to time. Things are so quiet at the studio which means so sales, which means worries about rent/s which means no money to purchase new pieces to work on, and all of that just brings my spirit down.
I was back at the Old Key Lime House on Monday repainting the old Bin Laden portraits in the urinals (remember them?), seems guys like to 'key' them. My next project at this place will be this guy....
Nobody seems to know how old he is, but he's pretty weathered and worn...he's wood. I think all I'll be doing is brightening up the colors here, he pretty much blends into the background, I'll find a brighter, more vibrant yellow and maybe lose the green.
Yesterday I finished up the bench I was making out of the twin bed and pieces from an out dated entertainment center that I took apart. The entertainment center only had two pieces of real wood in its construction, the two side pieces with the carving in them. I used those for the bench seat and bottom shelf.

This is not the finished project........I left the studio last night forgetting to take the final picture.....duh. The back has a beach scene on it that goes down to the seat which is painted like sand and has a few trompe l'oeil shells on it......and then I distressed the finish. I'll take a picture today and post later.

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