The shop has been just too slow the past couple of weeks, I'm not going to make it like this. I had a 50% off sale about two weeks ago and sold a few pieces, so for the last couple of days I tried a 50% off sale on just a few of the higher ticket pieces.....nothing. So yesterday I decided to end the sale and don't ya know, someone came in and said they were going to buy a certain piece, but noticed the sale was over.......I sold the piece at 50% off.
Today I'm trying something drastic, well I guess the degree of drastic rests on how many people actually read Craigslist, I'm trying a 'make an offer' sale. Crazy?......maybe, but people do ask often "is this your best price?", and instead of getting insulted by the question maybe I can make it work for me. I've listed the sale on Craigslist and it only lasts for three hours and only for today. I'm really just curious as to what people think hand painted furniture is worth (to them). I know my prices are more than competitive but even at half off people hesitate, so I'm confused. Lets see what happens today.

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