Still no one coming into the shop, which translate into still no rent money. So now my brain is stuck in this really going to work, or will I suffer the same fate everyone else has who have tried to run a business from this space and end up closing it down.
With the exception of 08 and 09 I've lived in Florida, in the same area, for over twenty years and I've never been to the local Swap Shop which is held at the only remaining drive-in movie theater for miles around............I'm going today! I'm going not to shop, but to see what they sell there, could this be a different outlet for selling my work. They are open four days a week, Sat., Sun., Mon., and Thursdays from 6am to 2pm.
Yesterday I took a break from sitting alone in the shop and ran out to yes, that favorite thrift shop of mine.....I just needed to get out! And yes, I was bad and spent $8 I shouldn't have spent, but in my defense I know (eventually) I can get that $8 back and then some. I found this very retro 70's desk, at least that's the era it reminds me of.
Found this similar desk from Ethan Allen that was in the HGTV 2009 Dream House cost?.........a mere $1799.
Another here at no price/sold, but listed as mid-century.
And this one at no price listed but says circa 1940's, so I'm learning this design has been around for awhile and is still popular today.......and is called a campaign desk.
Alright........back from the Swap Shop and it is clearly not a place where I could sell my things, but it was fun to finally see what it was about.

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