First's how the child's armoire finished up.....
I spent most of this past weekend (Sunday and Monday when its closed) putting the shop in order. I decided to add some signage in the shop to help the customers better understand all that is done from this space.
Do you LOVE the rug?.........I found it in the dumpster at my apartment building! One beautiful free free. It really warms up the place.

This is now an area where I will hold pieces that I need to work on. Anyone who owns a shop like this will know that customers are always sneaking/peeking around corners to see what treasures may be lurking in the back room, so I decided to put them out there where they can see them. They are available for custom work if I don't get to them first.
I also gave my little pet portraits a bit of an upgrade, an air of importance by moving them off a table top and into their own little gallery space. These are all painted ones and I wanted to hang some prints of some of my other favorites but my printer is out of ink so that'll have to wait.

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