I've become obsessed with doing a bunch of little stools for the upcoming flea market. Aside from needing to get the tops on three of them, I've gotten four of one design done and would like to do at least three other designs. I confess I love making these......I'm happy when they turn out looking authentically old and worn.
I want to get them all done by the end of this weekend so I can focus on painting the last two pieces that will be going to the flea market with me.
The chest I bought a few days ago.......
and this wonderful leather topped, kidney shaped desk that I found on my favorite thrift shop for $15. I felt very lucky to get this desk, it was being circled and inspected by lots of folks there. I can only guess that they could not see the potential in this piece because other than its being a bit distressed (which we love!) its construction/bones were in near perfect condition.......lucky me :-)
The girls next to my shop and I are all meeting up at the thrift shop this morning to see if we can find some small collectible items to use in our vignettes (and to sell) at the flea market.

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