O Happy Day!!!
How perfect can this timing be............West Palm Beach, FL is starting their own outdoor, downtown, antiques and crafts flea market!!! I was sitting here checking my emails yesterday, watching the morning news and there it was........a small mention of this flea market trying to get organized and starting on Oct 16th. With no mention of contact information I frantically went to the stations website and looked for the story, and there it was. It mentioned who was trying to get this thing going so I went to another website and found the person, emailed him, and he responded with all the information on the flea market. I immediately sent in my $40 registration fee! I can't wait!!! I printed out all the info and gave a copy to the gals next door (to my shop) and I've managed to convince them to join me. I'm so excited....this will be my first flea market, and hopefully it will be my replacement income after closing the shop. They give you a 20'x20' space (first come first pick-none assigned) and it will be twice a month on Saturdays beginning Oct 16th, then the 30th.....on through April, time 9am-3pm.
I went around the shop yesterday posting sold stickers on things that I want to be able to take with me to the flea market....I don't think there's much time from now til then to be sure that I would find new (cool) items to paint. Although yesterday I took an unusual late afternoon run to my favorite thrift store and could not believe it.....there was this old beautiful tall chest of drawers. I couldn't believe it had not been snatched up....$25. I'll post its picture later today.......yes, in all the excitement of yesterday, I forgot to take its picture.
Today I'll be finishing up the last of the ten chairs I've been painting, distressing, and staining. My hands and arms are still sore from ripping off upholstery and pulling staples.
I've started bringing home bits and bobs to the apartment......its starting to look homey actually........I really hadn't done anything as far as decorating since I moved in here a year ago. I think I didn't want to feel committed to living in an over 55 apartment it is what it is, and I am that :-)

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