Got a few things this morning. I tell ya, its getting tough out there at my favorite seems more and more dealers and pickers have discovered the place, I see the same faces waiting by the unloading trucks every time I'm there.....its not a fun way to shop. Anyway, today I picked up a china cabinet and I had already started dismantling it before I remembered to take a before picture.....
I'm ripping off the front on the top section and it will be left open.
The whole thing will just be painted off-white, maybe stained, and then distressed. The doors across the bottom will get an old world Florida scene, similar to the piece below.
I'll replace all the hardware with wooden knobs to get a more relaxed feel.
Then I got a few odds and ends, some lampshades, a few little shelves, a small round side table, a square side or coffee table, and a little tiny stool.
I've closed the shop until Dec. 4th....the day/evening of the city's Holiday Shopping I can focus on getting all these things ready for sale for that day. Its not like I'm inundated by flocks of customers that would bother me, but I'm easily distracted by even the imagined sound of a door opening and it really is much more fun to paint without distractions.....crank up the music and just focus on painting :-) Our little corner of shops was actually listed in the main flier for the event, so we're hoping for a decent turnout this year.........remember I mentioned the shop next door only had two or three people stop by their shop last year.......lets hope for better this year!

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