One of the sales made over the weekend involved changing the top of a table (from black fronds to green).......done and delivered.
I was finally able to make it out to the favorite thrift shop yesterday. It was slim pickins on wooden furniture, couldn't find any dressers or cabinets, but did come home with two chairs and a great old headboard and foot board. Total spent?......$17 and change.
OK....I know the material on the chairs is a bit outdated but they still register comfy and relaxed, perfect for the Florida environment....and they were in perfect soiled arms or wear.
I'll head out there again this morning to see if I can't find something I can paint some scenes on.
This buffet finally sold and this leaves me with only a couple of pieces left in the shop that actually have artwork on them. The city's shopping event is this Saturday evening and I'm really anxious for the shop to show its best.

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