I'm doing a juggling act between a few different projects this week.
First.....I've got one dog portrait done and another just begun for one client......
with another waiting from a different client. I'm also working on an outdoor mural that's been difficult because of unusually cold weather and my having a cold, but here's its start. Down at the end between the last set of trees will be a lily pond and some spiritual scriptures. Also a memorial to the clients son, there will be a small motorcyclist and some dates incorporated into the scene.......
Its been two weeks since the sudden passing of our 'friend above the shops' Wanda's son and tomorrow we are surprising her with a mini living room makeover while she's at work :-) There will be several of us working on this, myself, the girls next door, the girls upstairs (Wanda's neighbors) and some of our extended family and their friends. This past week I've visited several thrift shops and managed to find her a sofa, a tall buffet for more storage and to house all her family photos that are now scattered about the room on several (un-needed and way outdated) end tables, and we're donating some of our shop pieces to the project as well. The walls will be painted and new carpet put down.....the current carpet (a multi-shade of orange shag) is at least 40 years old no exaggeration, and believe lost its shag a long time ago. Her favorite and very worn wing back recliners will just be covered with sheets or throws......we can't afford to go all out, so we'll have to be creative with some of her things......and we don't want to get rid of all of her things, things that she's comfortable with.........BUT......all that 70's plaid furniture, the broken TV holding the working's all outa there!!
We have from about 7:30am to 3:30pm to accomplish this. Here's some before pictures and I can't wait to post the afters!!
Can't wait to get started!

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