Its 7:30am, I've just gotten up....I consider that over-sleeping......I've got to get in to the studio and get the scene painted on the bottom of the buffet. She's standing in her assigned space but is lacking her wow factor.
There was a lot to do yesterday getting ready for tonight's city shopping event including painting up this desk I found at the local Salvation Army Thrift Shop ,while on a completely different mission mind you :-) But there it was,
and home it came to undergo its transformation.....
I was also baking cookies until 11pm last night. What a comedy of errors.....I kept reading the wrong recipes while putting the batters together and had to keep adjusting the amount I was going to make......adding two eggs instead of one.....thinking those shortening sticks were packaged as 1/2 cup rather than the 1 cup they really were! Lets just say I won't have to make any more cookies as Christmas draws closer. I must have been really tired!!

Have to show you it too sweet or what?!
I've got a couple of dog portraits to do and she is one of them....totally adorable! I'll start on these next week.
I also have two small mural jobs to look at this week. One, an outdoor mural that will become part of a small memorial, and the other is to spruce up a dated bathroom with some tropical foliage.

Ok......its back to the studio....still more to do.

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