Got an email from Melanie (the Better After giveaway winner) with a photo of her dog Zoe. So here's a look at my next 'model'. Too cute! And I will start this in a day or two.

But today I'll be coming up with some ideas for a picture/photo board.......not sure what you call them but like this.............
Not this fancy probably. This will be for the restaurant in Lantana, FL. that I've done a lot of work for, The Old Key Lime House. I did one sketch, a muscle beach guy holding a mermaid, but they'd prefer something more family oriented, so back to the drawing board.

And here's my latest acquisition. Five bucks!..can you believe it?! there's been some foot damage and someone tried to square off what probably used to be ball shaped feet, and bits of trim were missing, but all painted up it'll work. One of the dangle-ly knobs was missing so the bottom draw will get something different.

Hey!! This will go perfect with the dining set!!

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