Did I mention how I thought a little light inside the seating unit I made would look really sweet? Problem was I couldn't find a little wall sconce small enough.
Yesterday while thrift shopping I spotted this dated wall sconce for $2.50.
And how cool that the little light sockets could easily be removed!
Now though I need to find a new base to attach this to....something that will keep it a little further away from the wall of the cabinet and create enough space for a little lamp shade. So I go searching through my craft odds and ends drawer and found this molds that I bought way back...this could be perfect....spray paint the pieces to match!
I just need to figure out how to remove that center part without damaging the rest of the mold. This will be on tomorrows agenda.....that, and finishing that cat portrait I started!! Gotta get that done, I still have my last contest winners dog portrait to do as well.

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