I didn't work on the mural yesterday, rather I had some custom work that I had to get done and out. I worked on it a bit today and then spent some time helping our upstairs neighbor with some website lessons.
I have accepted that I probably won't be finished with this before I have to leave for Philly next Friday, so I've asked the landlords if it could be stored somewhere until I return.
I still have three pet portraits to do too, so I think I'm going to attempt to get them done over the weekend and then get back to the mural Monday. I want to be completely out of the studio on Wednesday so I have Thursday to prepare for my leave early Friday. I'd love to do this trip in just two days....its about a twenty hour drive. I can usually make it to just about the NC border on the first day. I remember driving this trip once in one fell swoop in a VW bug....21hrs straight only stopping for breaks/gas. Ahhhhhhh.....youth :-)

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