So empty. The things to the right are just waiting to get picked up. The cabinet in the center is being taken by the coffee shop next door for storage and display...she's also getting the big rug I bought a couple months ago to cozy up her floor space.
The property owner put up the studs today that the mural is getting attached to and he wants to go ahead and put the finished part up tomorrow. He doesn't want to have to store it and then bring it back. I'm not crazy about it going up unfinished but I guess its not my call.
I tried laying out part of the third block before having to take it home to finish.
I finally decided on the Lake Worth Casino because I want to have at least a peek of ocean in one of these. I just sort of sketched in how the sand leads down to the ocean. I'm not doing the whole casino.....
Just part of it so I can squeeze in the bit of beach and ocean.......
I'll have to do some tweaking when the bottom panels go up...part of the casino sign and the dome will reach up onto the top panel. I want to get some palm trees in there too.
I should be handing over the keys about noon if all goes well.

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