Well, this is going to take longer than I thought. Yesterday I finished the wine bottle, added a cork, and a glass of wine.....I still need to add another glass.....oops, the bottom of my glass looks a bit wonky, need to fix that!
Then I turned my attention to the wine barrels, curious to see how long they would take and how they would look......oiy. It took awhile just to get these four done, I'm just hoping the rest will now go a bit easier. I was really worried about how these were going to look from outside the doorway, but I think they'll be ok.......especially since wine racks will be hanging in front of them.
And damn....that bit of wall under the table is screaming at me to be repainted to match the block color, so I'll add that to the list.
Thankfully the barrels are not going to go all the way up the wall, only stacked four high. Above that will be more 'block' wall. I'll paint it to look as though the barrels are tucked under the block, recessed into the wall, you'll see a bit of the underneath of the blocks. Then the ceiling. I'll be back on this on Monday.
Today, its back into the shop to hopefully sell off more of the furniture before closing the shop. Its really going quite well, only a dozen or so pieces left. I'm actually kind of hoping the hutch doesn't sell, I'd love to bring it home....although where to put it might be an issue.I'm pretty surprised that no ones bought it. It was originally priced at $325 and is now half off.....amazing. Maybe I'll just bring her home, I really love this piece.

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