I'm hearing old time big top circus music in my head this morning cause its time for another juggling act.
Yesterday I got the check ($150) in the mail for the flamingo paintings I made for my friend, which means I now have $152.60 in the bank.
And I finally got final approval on the sketch for the large tropical/animal painting......its big 87.75"x 63.75".....
...just big enough to bump me from using a 63" canvas to the next size up and a higher price, damn. My local Jerrys Artarama doesn't sell canvas by the yard that size, they'd have it in a 6yd roll. So I just called them and they have a 72" x 6yds primed for $74.39, so about $80 with tax. OK...I was pleasantly surprised, what I saw online from them was a 75"x 6yd for $122. with tax/shipping......possibly a different brand. I also went to an ebay store where I often buy canvas and they had a 73"x 25yds !! primed cotton for $120 which included the shipping. I needed to email them though because their 'rolls' don't always come in one continuous piece. I'm so tempted. So these are the things I need to consider.....this is just me thinking out loud........
  • I have no more money coming to me until I finish the large painting. I've been commissioned for two large jobs, this one and the three panel ocean one by another client. They were each commissioned over a month ago and I had gotten deposits on both of them, but with constant delays in decision making by the clients and lack of any other substantial work, I've lived through that money already. Oh, I just remembered, I should be getting a check for $65 from the last finished pet portrait...ok...that's good.
  • I think I've already decided what to do......if I order the 25yds online it could take a week or longer to get here....I love the deal, but my rent and electric are due on the 18th and 16th respectively, which means I can't wait that long. I need to start the painting immediately.
Well, that was easy. But this is what its like every month, juggling this to take care of that......I'm not whining......I'm just sayin :-)
I can't wait to start on this painting!
Here's the ebay store I go to, to buy canvas. I've seldom been disappointed with my orders, but do keep in mind that their rolls are not always a continuous run and one time I even found little square (like 1") holes cut out in spots....very strange. I believe they get overstock and rejects from the Fredrix canvas mill down the road from them.

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