Paint Big

Birds are on hold, I'm in the mood to paint big! I did these paintings several years ago, made the panels myself. I'd forgotten how much I love to paint on wood. I used either luan board or door skins with 1"x 2" on the backs.
I shouldn't show this one, it was 'inspired' by someone else's work, but I just love it.
I just talked to the handyman here on the property about making some panels for me. I want them made properly so they don't warp or twist. I bet Summerville would love some BIG azalea flower paintings....something the town is known for....the flowers, not the paintings :-)
Which reminds me of the beautiful floral paintings that Joyce Hutchinson them
and her photography work is incredible too!...
Can't wait to get started.
I'm still doing my research on Summerville, So Carolina as my potential next hometown. So far I'm really happy to see that real estate is affordable, you get so much more for your dollar than in Florida or Philly (well Narberth). You can rent a nice two bedroom townhouse for $600! A studio apartment in Narberth is $825!

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