Definition Of Life?........Change

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It started out with the Mr (of my set of employers) telling me they'd like to talk to me when I had a moment, to let me know about their plans for the next several months. Why am I suddenly apprehensive.
So after I made/served lunch they came to me in the kitchen. The Mr starts out by telling me how happy they are with all I've done for them since arriving, that was nice to hear. Then the subject turns to their schedule.....I was told by the other employee here that they return from their island home around Easter for their stay through the summer, its why I've been looking forward to giving notice in mid-March. I'm not sure how she could have gotten that sooooo wrong, but apparently they aren't returning for the summer until late May/early June. Another monkey wrench.......although they're leaving this Friday for their island home they will be coming back at the end of February for either a short stay or a longer stay (there goes my plan to give notice). The short stay is because they've rented their island home for a couple of weeks, the long stay however would be because the Mr would need radiation treatments following a cancer surgery he had a few weeks ago.....they won't know until a blood test is done in a couple of weeks, and I'm certainly hoping he doesn't have to go through that. What they also told me is that they would not be bringing the other helper back with them when they come up (she usually goes back and forth with them).........I did not want to hear that! That would mean I would be doing the cooking, cleaning, errands, laundry, shopping, etc on my own everyday. That's a day that begins in the kitchen around 6:30am and ends with dinner clean-up between 7:30-8:00pm. This is not good. When I first arrived on this job in September I was not happy to learn they already had full time help (they did not tell me).....I thought that was going to be my job????........but I learned quickly to appreciate her presence because I also dicovered I can't do what I use to be able to do.......and that's put in a 12-13 hour day and climb up and down three flights of stairs several times a day in a 10,000 sq ft home. I can manage it on the weekends when she has off, but for possibly six or more weeks, seven days a week?, no, no, no, no way!
I needed to play the age card, and I had to tell them I was planning on leaving.
Cut to the chase........I told them I could probably handle the two and a half weeks on my own, but any longer they'd have to bring the other employee with them. I also agreed to stay until they return in June but that I will be leaving when they did.
Getting old sucks.
Time to develop a plan B.

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