Giving Notice and Philly versus Florida

With cold but sweaty palms this morning I emailed my employers that I would only be here until the end of March, not June as I originally agreed to.... and only if they needed me to stay that long to help with the transition to a new employee......I'm happy to leave when they return at the end of this month.
So far Philly seems to be winning as my next destination with one work contact so far, its still not enough for me to feel comfortable, but Florida has not produced anything yet in the way of work possibilities.
This is the apartment I'm hoping to be able to secure this week.
This is the main living space, its a studio.....
Then through that doorway on the right and then to the right again is the that visible part through the doorway is where the dining area would be, or in my case it would be my office space. I like the little glass door cabinets that separate the dining area from the kitchen....cute.
On the other side of the main living area is the bathroom and jumbo closet.
I feel happier already just knowing that I'm moving on soon.

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