Anxiously Awaiting The Move

My apartment won't be ready early :-( but that gives me another weeks pay :-) so I'll be leaving here the morning of the 1st and spend the rest of that day moving my stuff in. I'm so looking forward to this move.
I've got one paint job that will be ready for me soon with Sweet Dream Bed, with the possibility of two more from them. I've done work for them before. Hard to see all the little critters, rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, porcupines, etc.
This company is a husband and wife team, he builds and she plans the decorations she (or the client) wants and she does all the marketing/promotion. I've always wanted to design the decoration for one of these....the workmanship on these beds is excellent.
The homeowner I may work for a few days a week in Narberth and I are trying to set up an appointment to meet, the couple are a pair of very busy doctors......hopefully this weekend will work out, I'm waiting for confirmation on that.
I've got painters in the house today painting the entire kitchen, walls, cabinets, ceiling etc. The homeowners looking for a fresher look to appeal to buyers.

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