Listen To Your Gut-If It Doesn't Feel Right....Change It.

Its back to work today. I'm going to finish up this painting today. If you go back a few posts to compare you can see I've made some changes and there are still a few adjustments I need to make and more background to add.
When I finish this I'll start this one, it will be a smaller painting.......
I got an email yesterday from someone looking to have some artwork done for a tattoo......The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse that would go on his entire back........pretty ambitious.

Remember this project I did for someone a while back........
....well she'd like to do a series of them incorporating other animals. I've suggested because these will be for the So Florida buying public that maybe the theme be changed to something more beachy, using this perhaps as the main backdrop..........
I'm still waiting to hear if she likes the idea.

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