Small Murals On Canvas-A Great Option

I got another small mural commission today.   I'll enjoy doing this, its a Beatrix Potter image and I'm doing it on canvas, so I won't have to do the 1 hour commute to the clients home.  It will be 30" high by 52" wide.  I'll start that this weekend.
 I sent the client a picture of a canvas mural I have hanging on my wall to show them how it could look hung.  I used wood screen molding to frame it out.  I just stapled the canvas to the wall with a few stables and used my brad gun to tack the molding around it.....easy!
They didn't want to do a whole wall mural, just something for over the baby's crib.  I'm not a big fan of doing small murals on a wall and trying to fade them out at the edges.  And more often than not when I suggest to a client that they have the work done on canvas, they seem to have a hard time visualizing it.....even though there are several excellent reasons to have the work done this way that should be convincing enough. 

Tomorrow I'm going to spend time on the hippo painting and try to get it finished up.  I'm glad I set it aside for a couple of days because studying it helps me to see what needs to be done/or changed.
I am going to bring the foliage down further.  I want the ice bucket and chair to stand out more and the green background will do that better than the pale color of the pavement.  I'm also going to try darkening the hippo so she stands out more from the similar color of the weathered chair.  Yes, I thought about adding color to the chair, but I seem to be resistant to the idea.  Maybe I'll save that for last and check with the client to see what she thinks.

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