Why Do Some Paintings Sell At A Higher Price Than Others?

Well.......the happy little bunny mural should arrive at its new home sometime today.  And I will finish up Ms Hippo painting #1 today......I confess I keep putting it off.
I have got to unsubscribe to Abbey Ryans announcements,  it frustrates the heck out of me to see what her small paintings go for on ebay, not that I'm in her league of course, but come on..........I'm just saying....
Here's her latest offering.....
It measures 4 inches x 6 inches and with just short of six hours to go, the bidding is currently at $450.00
If you hurry you can get in on the bidding (update: sold $450.).....or email me, I'll paint you one for half that ;-)
Personally I like this one.....vibrant color, movement....I want to squint from the glare of the sun on the water.  Its by artist Onelio Marrero.
It measures 16"x 20" and with 11 hours remaining there is one bid of $99.
I like Abbey's work, technically its amazing, I just don't seem to feel much when looking at it.  To me they're just pretty pictures.  I made a comment on her blog once something to the effect that adding leaves to a piece of fruit actually brought some life to the painting........I don't think she ever posted the comment....hmmmm? I wasn't being mean, she asked.
So you have to it talent or really really good promotion and marketing.  Its both I suspect.

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