Why Didn't I Marry A Man With Money When I Was Still Cute Enough To Catch One!!

Just kidding of course.  Here's whats so frustrating about having to give in and commit to cleaning houses I never thought I'd end up doing again!  I got a text yesterday from a decorator I worked for several years ago, did I want to come down to Tennessee for a few days (free room and board).....nothing I like more than a good road trip.  Remember Gladys :-)  I miss Gladys.

 The decorator is doing work in a homeless shelter and needed a palm tree painted.   Doing work for a good cause.......yep, it would have been nice.  Reality? I'm committed to cleaning four days a week and even if I could squeeze it into the days I do have free I have no money to get there anyway.   I could hardly ask for travel expenses along with a free place to stay, it takes what??.......about two hours to paint a palm tree if that.  It probably wasn't a very practical suggestion on her part and I referred her to the only muralist listed in Tennessee on .......frustrating.

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