Happy Client, Happy Me

Well good news...the client is happy with the direction of the trunk/chest so far so I can press on.
More good news,  I was beginning to feel like I could qualify to be on the Biggest Loser so I started a diet and exercise program on June 5th and to date I've lost 15 lbs!!....whew who!!  I'm eating nothing but veggies and protein  and exercising to a walking video I downloaded from luckily before they ended their website.  It sounds simple but its equivalent to a 3 mile walk done in 45 minutes and trust me you sweat!  I'm doing it twice a day, once after breakfast and again after dinner.
How ironic that yesterday I decided to stop stressing about mural work and today I get an email and phone call from another Philadelphia hospital wanting to meet to discuss doing a mural for them.....amazing.  I meet with them tomorrow afternoon.

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