Wow! I love this 'new to me' mac mini I got from my son. Its an early 2009 but loaded with the latest mac operating system 10.8.3 and its the fastest computer I've ever had, I've got it hooked up to my TV...its terrific.
Yesterday I got a poster size print I had done of one of my son's sketches/ it!
I only had one ACEO painting sell this past week, of course I only listed two so thats not so bad :-)
It was a cupcake I just did for fun.
I'll do some more paintings this weekend and re-list the one that hasn't sold yet.
I've been convinced to do some artwork for a new restaurant that will be opening in the fall down in Florida.  I initially turned it down but the new owner was persistent and it could be a new steady source of income for me in the future.....they will be selling the artwork they hang.

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