Lovely..........both parrot cards and the fig card sold on ebay. 
I've decided to change how I've been mailing them to end the frustration I've been having at the post office.  When I was living in Narberth my local post office had no problem mailing the stiff 5"x 7" 'photo' mailers first class 'letter' plus 20¢ non-machinable fee for almost a year, but my local post office just two blocks from where I live in Germantown insists its a 'package' which has a higher postage at more than double the cost to mail as a 'letter'.  Since I still work(ed) part time in Narberth I would just wait and mail them there to save on the postage but now one of their tellers is insisting its a package and there was no convincing her otherwise though the mailer (even though its larger than most people think of as a letter) is still in all the required measurement perimeters of a first class letter.....length, width, depth and weight.   So now I've taken to cutting the stiff mailers I already had to fit inside a standard letter envelop and hopefully now everyone will be on board with first class plus 20¢ non-machinable..........geesh!

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