Yeh!...the two paintings below (previous post) sold!
No painting this weekend, just catching up on things neglected, running errands, and surfing the net.

And now for something totally unrelated to art.............I was going through iphoto cleaning out pics I no longer needed/wanted and came across these pictures of a relative, I may have posted these before.  I'm not sure if he's a blood relative as there's always been this secret question as to my fathers parentage.  I'm not sure why I didn't do this before but I decided to see what the writing on this particular picture referred to.
Sesqui Centennial Exposition, I had no idea there was a 1926 World's Fair in Philadelphia (I never was much of a student;).  I also learned that the now gone JFK Stadium in So Philly was built for that fair, I worked a couple of concerts there back in the 70's as the hospitality coordinator for Electric Factory Concerts but I digress....... this is 'Shorty' Hetzer aka Joe Hetzer aka Cowboy Joe aka Little Joe professional rodeo performer and guess he would have been my dad's uncle?  One of these photos was a postcard sent to my dad's mom if I recall correctly (I don't have the originals). 
According to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (and this next photo 1924 ca) he was a champion bulldogger, that looks to be a goat in the photo.
In this photo the woman at the top is Bonnie McCarroll a professional rodeo rider.

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