Well, fingers crossed I get to my 'other' job today and get things back to normal.  Three nights of single digit temps have rendered my car powerless.  Unable to get help from (no longer) my mechanic whose shop is just a block and a half away from me and an unsympathetic pickup owner parked right next to me I have someone coming to jump start my car this morning for the least expensive road assistance I could find, $40.  After lining that up I used the remaining balance on a gift card to order this.........
online from Walmart for another $40.00, it had excellent reviews so hopefully I won't find myself reliant on others for help and in this position should be here by the weekend.

I called yesterday to secure a first thing in the morning position with the road service people, 8:15 I was told...........I'm still waiting at 9:45.  Do you ever sometimes feel there is a conspiracy against you?  They just called to say another 20 minutes. Sigh

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