Ok......I think I've reached my limit.....more snow tomorrow, that's three separate snow events in one week!  I'm starting to check out apartments back in Florida.  Here's three places I've found so far with really reasonable rents:
The Sands has two bedroom/two baths starting at $599
The Lexington has two bedroom/one baths starting at $660 which is what I'm paying here for a two room efficiency!
And The Crossings at Indian Run Apartments has one bedrooms starting at $581, two bedrooms at $681. 

I'm leaning towards the Lexington so far I think.

No work again today because of road conditions......did you hear about the multi, multi car
accident /pile up on the PA turnpike?  Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.
So.......I did a lot of snow shoveling in the parking area this morning,
(we're running out of places to put the snow) and then settled in to some painting.

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