Anyone remember my first studio apartment in Narberth? 
Where I painted my window screens.....
Ok it was a few years ago, I really liked that apartment but at the time it was getting too expensive for my budget so I gave it up.  Well, I just learned its become available again and just at the time I'm apartment hunting.  My one hesitation.....its now even more pricey at $960 a month.  I have a feeling though that I won't have to struggle deciding whether to take it or not.......I don't have the money to secure it and it'll probably get snapped up before I do (have the money).  Better news........I'm looking at another apartment in Narberth today that's two hundred dollars less and has a bedroom and washer and dryer.  True I still don't have 'holding' money but maybe I can strike a deal?.......... probably not, Narberth has no problem finding new residents.  We'll see.  I need to learn to be more positive.

So exciting all my ebay ACEO paintings have bids on them.  I did these peaches over the weekend to add to the apple and the two landscapes.

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