No new paintings to show, I've got moving on my mind and its hard to focus.
Yesterday there were two appointments to show my current apartment, I don't know the results.  This apartment is a hard sell, its very small, two rooms and a tiny bathroom, but fingers crossed someone will be swept away by the beautiful architecture of the place.
Anyway......when there is a showing here I leave the property and head around the corner to the local thrift shop and yesterday was my lucky day!  I loved my old red curtains that I had in the apartment I'll be returning to...
and thought I'd never find panels wide enough or long enough to get that look again (that I could afford).....But.....I did, well sort of.  I found three ikea curtain panels for a total of $8.95.  They're brown not red but they are wide and long (57"x 118" each) and will look great with my current furniture.
I'm still waiting for measurements from Florida so I can begin the paintings for the restaurant there.  I'm guessing the renovations are presenting more pressing concerns for the new owners. 
Perhaps I'll work on some ebay paintings today, I confess its getting harder to get motivated to do them.  Even though they sell consistently I'm not seeing their value increase significantly and with the ebay fees, supply costs, postage, etc, well its frustrating spending hours on a painting and seeing a return of just a couple of dollars......the joy of painting starts to fade.

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