Today I sign the lease on my old apartment, it got moved up a day......AND :-) current landlord is showing my apartment tomorrow afternoon, fingers are crossed!  I stayed home yesterday to avoid the snowy morning commute and spent the day staging my apartment....shampooed the carpet, shined up the wood floor, removed and put away as much 'stuff' as I could to make the place less cluttered, etc.  One thing I like about Philly, if you don't want something anymore you can just put it out on the street and it'll be gone in seconds!
Since I'll be scrambling for extra money the next few weeks I got back in touch with the decorator in Florida, the one who had me doing the silly animal portraits, and the one who was trying to open a new restaurant.
I learned she finally got a place (third try) and its under renovation.  The theme will be sort of old rustic fishing shack kind of stuff and we're talking about me doing some paintings, and I don't think it will involve animals in hats :-) I'm waiting for pictures of the place and any ideas she may have for the paintings.
I've got a couple of new paintings up on ebay, one being another peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

A long day today, yesterdays job and todays and a lease I go.

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