I was watching some art marketing videos on YouTube this morning while having my coffee and there was lots of talk on branding and focusing on what you do best.  There were also discussions about having the freedom to just paint what you love to paint versus painting just to earn money to live.  Suddenly a new name for a website popped into my head and is now the new address of my ACEO paintings website.  With my strong leaning towards painting fruits plus the 'need' to earn a living it just made sense in several ways.  Of course I wanted fruitsofmylabor dot com but it's currently up for sale/bid and currently stands at $1,477.00 lol.....not org?.....$12 and change.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  I hadn't checked in on ebay since I made my last sale a few weeks ago and I wasn't notified of any messages/problems, unfortunately.  When I was listing my new paintings yesterday I noticed I had a few messages and two were from a buyer who was trying to reach me earlier in the month, she was concerned about not having received two paintings she had bought. Then there was a third message from her saying she did indeed get them but after waiting for two weeks.  She was kind enough to acknowledge that I had mailed them when I said I did via the postmark and why it took two weeks to get from Philly to California will be an unsolvable mystery to us both.  The damage however was done,  by not being available to her inquiries two negative comments were left in my feedback which bumped my perfect 100 score to 98.3 :-(  I sent her my apologies of course and will from now on follow all my sales to completion.

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