Absolutely nothing to do with art but information that may be helpful to someone.  I've had high cholesterol for years and was constantly encouraged by doctors to go on statins......and I did try them a few years ago but they made my body ache so bad and drained me from all my energy, it was literally hard to even move.  I stopped them.  This past October I was gently nudged to consider trying them again, I declined and asked for a couple of months to see if I could bring my numbers down naturally.  I'm happy to tell you that I did!  Here are my before and after numbers (so far):

My total went from 275 to 190  (normal is 100-199)
Triglycerides from 244 to 79 (normal is 0-149)
HDL was 43 and now is 93 (normal is 39 and up the higher the better)
VLDL was 49 and now 16 (normal is 5-40)
LDL was 183 and now 81 (normal is 0-99) 

So how did I do it?  I started incorporating Walnut Oil and Cinnamon into my morning breakfast, either oatmeal/cream of wheat or a smoothie.  With my evening meal I started taking a new vitamin supplement called Healthy Circulation Support by PVK Research Innovations (I found it on Amazon). I'm also taking odorless garlic oil capsules a couple times a day and ginger root, good for heart health.  I can't be sure which of these things was most effective and I wasn't even always good about remembering to take them, but I am now!.......the numbers speak for themselves and they've inspired me to continue on a healthier path.  My new power breakfast continues with the Walnut Oil and Cinnamon but I've added to that a scoop of vanilla protein powder, ground flax seeds (sprinkled on top) and berries, flax seeds need to be ground to release their goodness.
I'm still working on the hard part........exercising regularly ;-)

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