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I think I've mention before but for any beginners who want to learn a lot about drawing, hue and values, establishing color, composition, painting etc, I just purchased access to the online lesson The Oil Painters Handbook, and yes I'm an acrylic painter myself but I'm getting so much from these over 3 hours of lessons.  Its on sale now if anyone is interested.
A quiet Sunday today.  I got some ACEO's up on ebay this afternoon....

I snapped this picture Friday morning at a neighbors across the street, its hanging over the fence on the street side, I'm surprised no one has plucked it off.  You can just see at the top of the fence he's also got corn growing in his yard!  Who says you can't grow veggies if you live in a city.
I even have a client a couple of blocks away who's now raising a half dozen chickens in her back yard along with having a vegetable garden.  She'll start getting fresh eggs sometime this fall.

Happy Birthday to me and I have the day off while a clients entire home interior is being painted........ah, but I'll be spending the weekend helping them put everything back together.  I've also got six ACEO paintings going out in the mail this afternoon :-)  So a good day to get some more started.  I'll pick up some 'models' while I'm at the grocery store this afternoon.
Awwwww, isn't that sweet, google said Happy Birthday to me.

Well, its official I will be losing two clients soon, one at the end of August and another three weeks later.  I'm happy for them both but especially for the young family with the stay-at-home artist dad.  They sold their current home in less than 24 hrs and had their offer accepted on a home they wanted the very same day, how cool is that?!.....and their new place sounds just perfect for them, complete with a studio over the garage!
I got my phone switched over to Consumer Cellular and here's a surprise, I just used my mobile banking and it was so much faster than AT&T.  My car insurance has also been switched and I've decided to keep the basic cable and not use an antenna, I tried it out and the picture just kept breaking up ........ funny that didn't happen on my smaller set, the reception was really good, oh well its only $10 a month for the basic cable and there's always Hulu and other online options for other shows etc., my mac mini is hooked up to my big tv.

I plan to paint all weekend, five of the six ACEO paintings I posted on ebay have sold so I'd like to get some more up.
Peanut Butter and Jelly on ebay
Have I mentioned I may be losing two of my cleaning clients?  How ironic......I moved here to be close to my work and now two may be leaving.  In preparation I'm making a few changes to try and save some money.  I'm changing my car insurance from State Farm where I'm paying $71.51 a month to Nationwide where it will be $35.50 a month, a nice savings.  My contract is finally up with AT&T so I'm dropping them, another $70 and change a month and switching to Consumer Cellular for $20 a month......I hardly ever talk on the phone.  Still debating what to do with regards to cable service.  Making these changes has really shown me how stuck I've been in my comfort zone and that makes me very uncomfortable.  We seem to get this weird sense of loyalty to these companies even when we don't benefit........very strange.   Anyway I'm hoping making these small changes and getting more focused on my artwork will keep me from having to fill the void these departing clients will be leaving with new clients........wouldn't that be nice :-)
I was watching some art marketing videos on YouTube this morning while having my coffee and there was lots of talk on branding and focusing on what you do best.  There were also discussions about having the freedom to just paint what you love to paint versus painting just to earn money to live.  Suddenly a new name for a website popped into my head and is now the new address of my ACEO paintings website.  With my strong leaning towards painting fruits plus the 'need' to earn a living it just made sense in several ways.  Of course I wanted fruitsofmylabor dot com but it's currently up for sale/bid and currently stands at $1,477.00 lol.....not org?.....$12 and change.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  I hadn't checked in on ebay since I made my last sale a few weeks ago and I wasn't notified of any messages/problems, unfortunately.  When I was listing my new paintings yesterday I noticed I had a few messages and two were from a buyer who was trying to reach me earlier in the month, she was concerned about not having received two paintings she had bought. Then there was a third message from her saying she did indeed get them but after waiting for two weeks.  She was kind enough to acknowledge that I had mailed them when I said I did via the postmark and why it took two weeks to get from Philly to California will be an unsolvable mystery to us both.  The damage however was done,  by not being available to her inquiries two negative comments were left in my feedback which bumped my perfect 100 score to 98.3 :-(  I sent her my apologies of course and will from now on follow all my sales to completion.
Yeh! my car's floor fixed and back home today.

And got a few new ACEO paintings up on ebay and I'll do some more tomorrow.