Full Time Is Working Well

One of the benefits of working/cleaning full time again is I've lost 10 lbs(!) and I'm also managing to keep up with the new car payments! The clients who have moved just this past week is still a work in progress, I'm going over to the new home today (and tomorrow) to try and help get things organized while they are away for the weekend.  Moving from a three story house with tons of storage to an apartment with very little storage is proving to be quite the challenge. Its a lovely apartment though, brand spanking new renovations and a view to die for.
I spent Friday and yesterday at another clients (also away) scraping moss off of their brick patio while simultaneously pulling up weeds between the cracks of the bricks, it had gotten way out of control.  Sore back and hands and it looks lovely once again.
I need to remember to take before and after photos to show other potential clients!! Then again having just turned 68 this week I'm not sure this is the kind of work I should be advertising ;-)